Love and hope are the common threads that continue to unite families for the Homes for Black Children (HBC) Agency.  Since 1969, our revolutionary programs have led to the adoption of over 1,800 children, and the return of thousands of children to their families.  HBC is an intervention agency that focuses on family preservation.  Many children come to HBC through the child welfare system and have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment.  Some were born drug exposed.  HBC assists with the temporary placement of children who are removed from their families.  The agency works with families from whom the children were taken, to try to bring everyone back together.  The agency also provides supportive counseling, pregnancy counseling, adoption services, foster care, foster home licensing, and life enrichment programs to help foster children and adopted children to adjust to life in different environments.  The caring staff at Homes for Black Children is dedicated to making sure that No Child is Without a Permanent Home.


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